2 Pesos Mexico Gold Coin 1945 BU 0.0482oz

2 Pesos Mexico Gold Coin 1945 BU 0.0482oz

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Product Specifications
Name2 Pesos Mexico Gold Coin 1945 BU 0.0482oz
Weight0.048200 troy oz
Metal TypeGold

Since the early 1900s, the Mexico City Mint has produced the 2 Peso Mexican Gold Coin. In five denominations, the peso coin has been issued by Mexico's sovereign mint: 50, 20, 10, 5, 2.5, and 2. Beginning in 1919 and running until 1948, the 2-peso coin was minted for 29 years.

Each of these coins contains 90% pure gold, has a face value of two pesos, and contains 0.0482 Troy ounces of pure gold. The coin measures 12.85 mm in diameter, and .53 mm in width.

On the coin’s reverse side, in reference to Mexico's thriving agricultural industry, an open harvest wreath is depicted. In native Spanish, the coin’s denomination is printed in the center of the wreath: "Dos Pesos".

On the obverse side of this coin, you will find Mexico's coat of arms – a golden eagle stands with a snake in its beak, wings spread, and perched atop a cactus.

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