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About Our AGR Pool Account Services

Are you interested in precious metal investing but do not have a substantial capital to start with? If so, an AGR pool account may be the perfect option for you. Our pool accounts allow investors to select bullion products from our online store and match the value of your holdings. All of these assets in our pool accounts are stored separately from products belonging to AGR. While these assets are not distinguished by individual ownership, they fully belong to our pool account holders and are available for withdrawal anytime.

AGR Pool Account

Precious metal pool accounts are a good way for investors with a small capital to enter the market. With a AGR pool account, you own a share of unallocated bullion within a pool and you do not have the direct title to a specific product. The bullion held within this account may consist of a combination of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in the form of coins, bars and more. If you are after a specific precious metal, we offer gold investment accounts and silver investment accounts as well.

Buy AGR Pool - Metal Account

PoolBuying Price/ozQuantity (oz)
Gold POOL$2,355.81
Silver POOL$31.07
Platinum POOL$1,071.30
Palladium POOL$1,127.38

Sell AGR Pool - Metal Account

PoolBuying Price/ozQuantity (oz)
Gold POOL$2,320.81
Silver POOL$29.94
Platinum POOL$1,016.30
Palladium POOL$847.38

How We Can Help

If you are looking to get into precious metal investing but are unsure where to get started, AGR can help. When you open a pool account with us, you do not have to select each individual component that makes up your portfolio. There is no direct ownership of any bullion products in the pool. This makes it an excellent choice for investors looking to dip their toes in the water.


Benefits of AGR Pool Account Services

Why should you own precious metals via a pool account? Below are some of the benefits:

  • Avoid risks and hefty costs that come with physical precious metal ownership, such as theft, fire, storage, and insurance costs.
  • Buy and sell exactly how much you want whenever you want via your online account.
  • Secure storage, no trading fees or commissions, and no shipping fees.
  • Your holdings are protected under insurance and you have the flexibility to withdraw at any time.
  • Trading the value of your holdings for a combination of in-store bullion products that are equivalent in value.
  • You do not directly hold any bullion products, which can be a plus point for beginner investors who are still researching which precious metals to add into their portfolios.

Why Work with Us for AGR Pool Account Services?

Are you a beginner investor in the precious metals market? Or are you looking to diversify your current portfolio? Maybe you are looking for a cost-effective way of increasing your holdings that does not include hefty commissions, insurance, as well as shipping and storage fees. If so, our AGR pool accounts are an excellent option. At AGR, we treat all our customers with the respect and honesty they deserve, and your satisfaction is our goal.

For more information about our AGR pool account services, feel free to contact us today.

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