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Platinum is a rare and dense metal that is widely used for a variety of applications. Most of the platinum that is mined in the world goes into manufacturing jewelry as it does not stain and looks exactly like silver. This precious metal is also used in industrial processes such as the production of catalytic converters for motor vehicles. Many Americans have jewelry that is made of platinum but mistaken that the jewelry is silver.

If you have platinum coins or jewelry in your possession, it is a smart idea to sell it to AGR. This allows you to take advantage of the existing high prices of precious metals. These high prices may not last due to the steady recovery of global economies after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic wear off.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a precious metal that is used to manufacture jewelry, among other uses. Platinum is several times rarer than gold and commands significant prices in the market. Most of the global supply of platinum comes from two countries namely South Africa (80%) and Russia (10%). This precious metal is very malleable, which explains its use in jewelry. It is also very attractive to look at, being silver-white in color. This beautiful appearance has earned it the title 'white gold' as it was often paired with actual gold and diamonds to enhance the jewelry design.

Platinum is also unique among precious metals in that it is used to produce certain medications. It is especially critical in the manufacture of cancer drugs as it is stable and does not react negatively with body tissue.

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Why Sell Platinum Items to AGR?

When you come to AGR, you are guaranteed that you will be treated with respect. We have been in the market for the last four decades and you can count on us to give you fair prices. When you come to us, our experts establish the weight and purity of the items, to ensure an accurate valuation.

AGR is dedicated to giving you the best price for your platinum items. To turn your platinum items into instant cash, dial (212) 391-1012 or email us at for more information!

Common Types of Platinum Items

Here are some of the items in your home that may be made of platinum:

  • Platinum bullion coins
  • Platinum necklaces
  • Platinum rings
  • Platinum bracelets
  • Platinum pendants
  • Cigarette lighters
  • … and more!

One of the problems that ordinary Americans face is they often cannot tell the difference between silver and platinum. At AGR, our experts are always happy to examine any item that you have and tell you if it is made of silver or platinum.

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Reasons to Sell Platinum Items

One of the common reasons why people sell their platinum products is to take advantage of the high prices of precious metals. Platinum prices fluctuate and while platinum is currently enjoying record high prices, this will not last for long. Selling your old platinum jewelry also helps you to get the cash that you need to buy newer and more fashionable jewelry. It is also possible that you no longer use a product that is made of platinum and you want to dispose of it. Platinum whiskey flasks and cigarette lighters are common items that people sell when they quit drinking or smoking.

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