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The price of gold is always rising and falling in response to market conditions. This is known as the spot price or the price in which one raw ounce of a particular gold item is worth at any given time. Investors are able to track this easily and conveniently through the charts and tools we have provided on this page, which will keep you updated on the spot price of our most popular gold offerings in real-time. Investors are able to make well-informed decisions with this data, which consists of everything from a one-hour view to data glimpsed over the course of a year.

Gold Price Per Ounce$1,910.40-$1.20
Gold Price Per Gram$61.42-$0.04
Gold Price Per Kilo$61,420.70-$38.58
10/24/20 02:13 AM EDT Last Update


As low as: $27.55

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All you need to do is select the gold offering of your choice and the time period for which you would like to access its data. You can also hover your cursor over the chart to see a price point for any specific moment.

Price of Gold Alerts


Every precious metal investor knows that timing is crucial when it comes to buying and selling in order to get the highest possible ROI. For this purpose, our team at AGR is here to work with you. You can set up customized alerts that will notify you once gold has reached a predetermined price. Whether you would like to buy more when it has reached a low enough price or sell when the price is high, you are able to take immediate action upon being notified. This ensures that you will never miss another great opportunity.

To sign up for notifications, simply create an account with your email and select a password. This service is provided entirely free to inform your decision on entering and exiting the gold market. Below are some ways in which you can use our feature:

  • Gold Market Alerts: We understand that investors do not have time to sit in front of a screen and track the spot price of gold day after day. This is where our market alerts come in. Simply select “Gold” under the “Market Alert” tab and identify the market movements you would like to track. From there, enter your desired amount or percentage. That is all you need to do – once gold has reached your desired price, an email will find its way into your inbox automatically.

  • Gold Price Alerts If you are looking to purchase a product but cannot afford it at its current price, you will want to set a price alert. Simply select the product you are interested in under the “Price Alert” tab before entering your desired price and quantity. You will then be notified by email once the particular product has reached your desired price.

With our price of gold alert services, you will no longer wake up to realize that you have missed a great opportunity. Immediate action can be taken once you receive an email notification, allowing you to make better-informed decisions.

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