Agr POOL - Metal Account

Metal Accounts are a low cost way of buying, owning and trading precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium.

Buy AGR Pool - Metal Account

PoolBuying Price/ozQuantity (oz)
Gold POOL$2,418.62
Silver POOL$29.78
Platinum POOL$991.85
Palladium POOL$1,067.22

Sell AGR Pool - Metal Account

PoolBuying Price/ozQuantity (oz)
Gold POOL$2,383.62
Silver POOL$28.65
Platinum POOL$936.85
Palladium POOL$787.22
Sell to us

Sell To Us

Gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals possess high economic value. If you have bullion, bars, jewelry, and more that are left unutilized, drop by our store today to get cash in return. AGR offers a fast and easy process to turn your precious metals into money. You may also consult with our competent team to learn more about your options regarding the sales of your precious metals. Work with us to get the most out of your precious metals today.

  • Ship items to us
  • Visit our retail store in NYC

Store With Us

At AGR, We understand our clients need a secure place to store their precious metals. With your own AGR Storage Account, we make sure your assets are protected at all times.

  • We ensure your precious metals are kept safe
  • Knowing that your metals are secure in your easy to use AGR Storage Account
  • We offer Buy and Sell options at the best competitive rates

Evaluate Your Metals

  • Complete the Submit a Request form.

  • AGR may request additional verification to approve your request. Once approved, AGR will email you a shipping label.

  • Once you ship your metals, AGR will sign for the package noting the date and time to keep your pricing.

  • AGR will evaluate the product and call the customer to give an estimate. We would also like the option to upload the estimate to the "account dashboard" for that customer.

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