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Gold Bars

Gold bars are a type of bullion and are typically made after gold is separated from rock minerals after mining. Gold bars may also be made from processed gold that is melted and turned into bars. Gold bars vary in terms of purity. For example, gold bars made prior to 1982 only had a purity level (amount of gold in them) of about 90%. Today, most gold bars carry a purity level of 99% although this also varies. Gold bars are a popular way of hedging against currency inflation or holding wealth during tumultuous economic times. When currency levels fluctuate in value, many people choose to buy gold bars in order to protect their wealth.

In some cases, we may find ourselves needing to sell some or all of our gold bars and this is where AGR can help. We have been in business for over 4 decades and we have built a large customer base thanks to our fair prices.

What are Gold Bars?

Gold bars can be used as personal assets to protect personal wealth from currency fluctuations. Due to the movement of gold prices, many people also use gold bars as a kind of investment. Such traders buy gold bars with the anticipation that gold prices will go up and they can then sell them at a profit. The fact that gold bars come in various purity levels means that there are always gold bars that are available at different price points.

Gold bars are also used by central banks as currency reserves. Although the use of gold bars in this role has been dwindling over the last few years, many central banks still have the 400 pounds 'Good Delivery' bars that have the iconic pyramid shape. Good Delivery bars are popular in the west. In Asia, central banks tend to rely more on the Gold Kilobar, which are one-kilogram gold bars.

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Why Sell Gold Bars to AGR?

With four decades of experience, you can trust our staff to appraise your gold bars accurately and give you a fair price. At AGR, you can also count on speedy transactions that ensure you get your cash in no time.

AGR is dedicated to giving you the best price for your gold bars. To turn your gold bars into instant cash, dial (212) 391-1012 or email us at for more information!

Popular Types of Gold Bars

Gold bars come in many forms. Here are various types of gold bars that are available:

  • Cast Gold Bars:These bars have a rougher look than other gold bars as they are made through a process that is less refined than the usual bar-making process. Molten gold is poured into a mold to create the bars. The mold that is used varies, so cast bars have different sizes and surface features. Most cast gold bars indicate the manufacturer, the weight of the bar, and their purity.
  • Minted Bars: These gold bars have a refined look thanks to the detailed process that they undergo. They are made using molten gold that is cast into long strips of metal and then sliced up into bars. They often feature a shiny smooth finish.
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Reasons to Sell Gold Bars

Many individuals buy gold bars or inherit them from their parents who may have bought them to protect themselves against currency fluctuations. Oftentimes, people have the desire to sell such bars in order to convert them into cash that they can use. Gold bar owners also sell their bars to take advantage of high gold prices, especially when they think these high prices will not last for long.

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