$5 Indian XF .2419oz

$5 Indian XF .2419oz

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Product Specifications
Name$5 Indian XF .2419oz
Weight0.241900 troy oz
Metal TypeGold

In 1908, United States mint first released this coin. It is the most distinct, and last, version of the Half Eagle coins. To the coin itself, a recessed design has been uniquely engraved. Designs are sculpted into the surface of most coins. At a size of .2418 oz, the Indian Gold Half Eagle has a fineness of .900, courtesy of its mintage period preceding the 1933 gold currency cessation.

This coin is rated Extra Fine (XF).

A Native American chief wearing a traditional feathered war bonnet is portrayed on the front side of this coin. In honor of the original colonies, 13 stars border the chief's profile. The reverse side of this coin shows the iconic emblem of the Heraldic Eagle, this time designed by Bela Lyon Platt. He offers a more literal portrayal of the classic, traditional eagle image. Arrows and an olive branch still appear in the design, however.

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