$2.50 Liberty MS 63 .1209oz

$2.50 Liberty MS 63 .1209oz

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Product Specifications
Name$2.50 Liberty MS 63 .1209oz
Weight0.120900 troy oz
Metal TypeGold

This coin boasts .1209 oz of .900 gold content – more than many other pieces of circulated currency thanks to its vintage preceding the 1933 gold coin cessation. Its historic significance continues courtesy of it being the only coin ever produced simultaneously by seven United States mints including New Orleans, San Francisco, Dahlonega, Charlotte, and Philadelphia.

The condition of this coin is classified as Mint State 63 (MS 63).

The coin’s face value and "United States of America" are engraved on this side as well. The obverse side of this coin depicts Lady Liberty. Her left portrait is a headshot only donning her "Liberty" engraved crown. Surrounding her are 13 stars and the year of minting. An ever-popular symbol on American coins, the Heraldic Eagle appears on the reverse side of this coin. One talon clutches an olive branch while in the other, a set of arrows.

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