$10 Liberty MS 63 .4838oz

$10 Liberty MS 63 .4838oz

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Product Specifications
Name$10 Liberty MS 63 .4838oz
Weight0.483800 troy oz
Metal TypeGold

Rare for a coin of this time period, its already exceptional value is further enhanced by its Mint State 63 (MS 63) condition. It was produced by the United States mint in 1838 and was the second of the $10 Half Eagle Coins. For some 69 years it enjoyed circulation. This coin possesses 90.0% purity courtesy of its pre-1933 mintage. That was the year gold currencies ceased production.

Designer Christian Gobrecht’s rendition of Lady Liberty is done in neoclassical form on the reverse side of this coin. In her elaborately styled curls, she wears an inscribed crown and stands in profile. Accompanied by the coin’s vintage year, her profile is bordered by 13 stars. The proud Heraldic Eagle is embossed on the reverse side of this coin. Holding a set of arrows and an olive branch, it sports a massive shield. Directly above the eagle, "In God We Trust" appears.

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