$2.50 Indian MS 63 .1209oz

$2.50 Indian MS 63 .1209oz

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Product Specifications
Name$2.50 Indian MS 63 .1209oz
Weight0.120900 troy oz
Metal TypeGold

This coin’s condition is classified as Mint State 63 (MS 63). It contains .1209 ounces of .900 pure gold.

This coin’s engravings make it rare, indeed, thanks to its sunken design, rather than the common raised design. This is referred to as incuse relief. This was the first time that the United States mint had ever struck coins in this style.

Known for his labors to combat the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt put forth an attempt to first collect, then melt down, as many gold coins as possible into gold bars. Because of his extensive efforts, the Indian Gold Quarter Eagle – and other pre-1933 gold coins – are rare and much coveted by history buffs, collectors, and investors.

Images on both sides of this coin were designed by Bela Lyon Pratt. On the obverse side of this coin you will find, in full headdress, a Native American chieftain. On its reverse side, this coin shows its odd half denomination and an image of the bald eagle. He stands above an olive branch and a quiver of arrows.

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