Gold and silver investments are wise financial decisions and investments you can make to ensure that your family will be covered during uncertain economic crises and turmoil. Due to their ability to preserve their value over and its tangibility as a physical asset that allows them to be easily liquated, they are high in demand. They are a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. However, with great power comes responsibility, and you will need a safe and secure place to store your precious metals. This article shares three ways you can keep your precious metals and why we recommend them.

At-Home Safe

Suppose you already have an at-home safe to store your important documents such as your passports, birth certifications, wills, and other sensitive, confidential papers. In that case, it can double up as a storage space for your precious gold and silver. If your home is being broken into or an unsuspecting, ill-intentioned acquaintance starts looking around, your safe should be hefty enough to ensure that they cannot carry it around easily. This is a viable solution that many people have chosen to opt for, as touching and holding their valuables gives them that peace of mind.

However, at the same time, this might mean you will have to pay higher premiums to cover the total value of all your precious metals under your home insurance. In some cases, this might not be the most cost-effective in the long term as the additional premium costs will add up and accumulate. If you choose this option, we'd recommend keeping your safe in place out of sight from other visitors and ensuring that it is fireproof and waterproof. Additionally, try not to tell anyone about it outside of the family to avoid any troubles.

Bank Deposit Box

If you feel that your home isn't safe to house your precious metals, you can opt for a safe deposit box at the bank. With the advanced security measures and technological devices at your trusted bank, there is a significantly reduced likelihood of having them stolen. However, you should note that your access to your precious metals is limited by the bank's operating hours, providing you a small window of time during the day to get your silver or gold.

Additionally, the bank will be unlikely to insure them, and there are not many insurance companies that are willing to cover the value of the metals as they are stored in the bank. Therefore, in the small chance that you get them insured, you are more likely to pay a high premium price and will have to bear the costs of renting the safe deposit box. This will be extremely costly and inefficient in terms of cost-effectiveness in the long term.

Bullion Storage Service

By far the most reliable and effective storage solution, bullion depositories are designed and the best equipped to house precious metals. With top-notch security measures and technology in place, the experts and professionals at the company are trained to protect your metals and store them in the most optimal conditions to preserve their conditions. While your access is also limited to the facility's operating hours, this is considered a small drawback considering your valuables are also insured by the bullion depository, which ensures that they will fully cover their total value. Additionally, you will also retain full ownership and control over your gold and silver status, providing you that peace of mind you deserve.

Your Trusted Bullion Storage Solutions Provider

At AGR Gold, we partner with Brink's to provide our customers with the peace of mind they deserve. With our access to bullion vaults spread worldwide, we provide reliable and efficient precious metals transportation and storage solutions to protect our customers' valuable assets. You will have full control over your bullion and access to an account with us to check on the status of your bullions at any time. Additionally, you will be provided with insurance that covers your stored precious metals' risks and the full value.

For more information about our storage services, please do not hesitate to contact us and get a quote today!