Many people are now easily investing in Digital Gold thanks to the development of online platforms. However, it is also crucial to comprehend what Digital Gold is and why you should stay away from it. Here is a guide to understanding digital gold in gold investment!

What Is Digital Gold and Its Benefits?

Purchasing gold was a hobby in the past. Most of us were used to maintaining our gold in a physical format. The biggest challenge was keeping such gold secure because it is likely to be lost or stolen. The resale value of gold owing to wastage and making charges is another drawback of owning gold in physical form. In truth, putting your gold in a bank safe is also dangerous. 

Digital gold is exactly like the physical gold you purchase but without the inconvenience of having to worry about keeping your asset secure and stored, removing the challenge of locating a reliable vendor and negotiating a reasonable selling price. If you invest in digital gold, they will guarantee that it is 999.9 percent pure and 24 Karat verified.

Since safeguarding is the main concern, once you make an online purchase, the seller assumes the risk of safekeeping. They assert that they will keep your gold in insured, secure vaults while keeping the details of your transaction transparent. You won't even be charged anything for keeping this gold in storage for the first five years. There are no restrictions on investing amounts. Redeeming your digital gold into 999.9 purity bars or coins is a simple and dependable process. Your redeemed item will be sent to your door.

Cons of Digital Gold

While purchasing digital gold may be convenient, there are certain risks that you should be aware of before making the purchase. Here are some of the risks:

  • Regulatory Risk: There is no regulatory body in place for Digital Gold. Investors are most at risk from this. When you acquire digital gold, the manufacturer makes an equivalent gold transaction in your name. This gold is kept in the seller's vault or a third party's vault. The trustee's job is to check that the amount and purity of gold remain consistent with what the investor purchased. Regulators, however, are not there to keep an eye on trustee activity.
  • You Can't Hold It Forever: Units of Digital Gold can't be kept forever. The investor must either take delivery of the gold or sell it back at the end of the maximum duration for holding Digital Gold. You must pay specific fees to retain your gold if you are unable to take receipt of it.

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