Are there features of natural gold that can affect its value? Answer: Yes. But there are lots of factors to consider if you plan on selling your gold jewelry, natural gold, scrap gold from household items, etc. Pricing, when it comes to selling gold, is a crucial factor, in fact. If you're not careful, particularly when it comes to selling natural gold, you'll end up getting an amount far short of what you could have received.

So, if you're selling your natural gold, how do you go about making sure that it will be done at the standard market value? The price of your gold can be affected in a number of ways, including any or all of the following…

The Bigger the Better – At Least Where Gold Nuggets Are Concerned

Okay, you've got a gold nugget. It would be considered rarer, the bigger it is. That translates into selling it for more money. Gold nuggets are weighed in ounces or grams. Let's say your gold nugget is over one Troy ounce or more. Because of the size of the specimen you’re offering, a nugget of this type would generally go for an exceptional value. This is particularly true if it is a defect-free, attractive gold nugget.

You Find Gold?

Believe it or not, where your gold is discovered – the location from which you prospected it – can have a lot to with natural gold pricing. If it was panned or mined from a location that could be considered most unlikely, you may get a higher price for your gold nugget. Once again, it's important here to make sure that you go with a refinery or collector that appreciates the rareness of your find.

The Value of Aesthetics

In overall pricing, a crucial role is played by a nugget’s aesthetic value. Rather than your average lump of gold, you're likely to get better pricing on quality pieces from most gold collectors. Embedded in the cracks, many gold nuggets have quartz or red iron stains. But some buyers would rather have nuggets in interesting sizes and shapes, and something that is shiny and right. From buyers such as these, higher prices will be merited for the highest quality, most aesthetically pleasing nuggets.

The Spot Price of Gold

What does "spot price" mean? When you're talking about natural gold, the term refers to the current market price for which it is sold or bought for immediate acquisition and payment. If you are selling gold, its overall pricing will likely have a large effect on the exact time at which you do so.

Bottom Line

Where was the gold discovered? The stranger the place, the better. How does your nugget look? The prettier it is, the more you might get. Don't forget to check out the current price. All of these things figure into the value of your piece of natural gold.

Remember, no matter what some people will tell you, bigger is probably better!

Do You Have Natural Gold You'd like to Sell?

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