1 kg Generic Brand Gold Bar 32.15oz

1 kg Generic Brand Gold Bar 32.15oz

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Product Specifications
Name1 kg Generic Brand Gold Bar 32.15oz
Weight32.150000 troy oz
Metal TypeGold

1 kilo gold bars are available in picturesque inscriptions down to having a rougher, more rustic appearance. These bars are made from .999 fine gold, weigh in at 1 kilo or 32.15 ounces, and was struck by a variety of mints. From bar to bar, condition may vary. Bars will have an indication of may be "Lightly Circulated" and "Mint Varies". The purity and weight will always be accurate however, even if the bar has marginal aesthetic flaws.

Bars with a more rustic exterior will usually display the metal logo, purity, weight, and a serial number on one side. The reverse side may be smooth or have the logo stamped on it. Finer bars may be inscribed with pictures, portraits, and more. Two such examples are the Fortuna Gold Bar and the Lady Liberty Gold Bar.

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