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Understanding Density

Density is defined as the mass of an object divided by its volume and is usually measured in grams over cubic centimeters. Also known as specific gravity, one might need 19.3 times the volume of water to obtain the same weight as a gold bar! When measured in kilograms per millimeter, the density of gold is 0.0193. When converted to ounces per cubic inch, gold has a density of approximately 11.17.

Guide to Gold Density

Despite there being pricier precious metals out there such as platinum, gold remains one of the most sought-after precious metals in the world. Its density, which stands at 19.32g/cm3, makes it one of the densest elements on Earth. Have you ever held a small gold bar in your hands and were surprised at how heavy it felt relative to its size? That’s because of its high density.

How to Calculate Density of Gold

If you are wondering whether the gold product you have bought is genuine, there’s a simple way of determining this. Tungsten is an element that has a density slightly lower than gold, and it is often used to produce counterfeit gold products. To determine if your gold item is genuine, follow the steps below:

  • Measure the mass of your gold piece using a scale.
  • Pour water into a cylinder until it is half full and record down this initial volume.
  • Slowly lower the gold piece into the cylinder without letting any water splash out.
  • Record the final volume of the water in the cylinder. Deduct your first reading from this reading and divide the mass of the gold piece by the difference.

If you have followed the above steps accurately, the result should always be 19.3 regardless of how big or small your gold piece is.

What About Gold Alloys?

Depending on the specificities of your gold piece and whether it is mixed with other materials, they may have a different density. Products that are 9, 14, 18, or 22 carats will have a slightly lower density than a pure gold product of 24 carats as they are mixed with other metals. The specific density of these products will be determined by the metal that has been mixed in the alloy.

Does Density Affect Price?

The density of gold is constant no matter how big or small the piece you are purchasing. As such, its density has no effect on price. Gold is often priced by its size and weight and the purer the item, the more you can expect to pay. The closer the density to 19.32g/cm3, the purer the gold is.

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