Do you have scrap gold, solid-gold jewelry, gold-plated jewelry, and/or gold-filled jewelry (and other items) that you would like to sell to a gold refinery service? If you've been thinking that it's time to go through all that old jewelry and various household items and sell your gold, there are probably any number of questions that come to mind. Some of them will be more important than others.

So, when you sell or recycle your gold and other precious metals, you get the most bang for your buck, we’re going to show you (below) the most crucial questions to ask the gold exchange service you choose. These will also help you choose the right gold refinery in the first place.

First Question: What, in Particular, Are You Trying to Sell?

Make sure you are as knowledgeable about the piece or pieces you're selling as you possibly can be. Do some research. Check to see what the going rate is for the precious metals you feel you have currently. Is your piece gold-filled, gold-plated, or 18 karat solid gold? If the company you're considering weighs the pieces, will they be weighing everything as a whole including extras – i.e., faux glass gemstones, steel pins, etc.

Don't let the gold exchange or refinery service you're dealing with tell you what you have! Know ahead of time exactly what it is that you possess and are trying to sell.

Next Question: What Goals Exchange Service/Refinery Are You Dealing With?

There are more "gold exchange" services out there than you can shake a stick at! Every time you drive down the road you probably see a sign that says, "We Buy Gold!". There are bullion dealers, jewelers, pawnshops, and more. You want someone who's going to be honest and give you a fair price for your precious metals. Check to see that they've been in business for a long time. Look at the BBB (Better Business Bureau) site to see what they have to say about the service you're considering.

Last Question: What Is the Reason That You're Selling Your Jewelry/Scrap?

“Why” you’re selling can make a difference regarding how much you actually get! It's true.

If you're in a massive hurry because you need the money, you may end up settling for a lesser payout than you would if you do a little research. If you have the time and a bit of leeway, carefully look around, ask, read reviews, etc. friends and coworkers if they've had any experiences selling their gold jewelry/scrap.

Once you settle on a service, or think you have, see what kind of organizations they are associated with. This can tell you a lot about the company. Check out the gold exchange/refinery service you're considering carefully.

Whenever possible, don't be in such a big a hurry to sell.

We Welcome Your Questions And Operate With Honesty

If you’re even thinking it's about time to sell all that scrap gold jewelry around your house – know this: AGR consistently provides services that are highly efficient and offers the best prices for your gold jewelry and scraps. Our customer service is unrivaled, and, with the utmost honesty and respect, we make sure our customers are completely satisfied.

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